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Second Map
Original Map

The total surface area to cover with the World Map is 355,006,127 km² as per World. If we use a map that is a 2:1 proportion Rectangle, the width and height of the map would therefore be: 26,646.05513 km x 13,323.027565 km.


Northern Ice Cap: Arktos, inhabited only by vicious monsters, including Dragons.

Southern Ice Cap: Ladon, inhabited by the mysterious Snow Alvari, aswell as various monsters, including Dragons.

Large Landmass on Right: The Main Continent, inhabited by Humans, Alvari, Jagar, etc.

Large Landmass on Left: The Distant Land, an exotic and unusual land inhabited only by non-humans, including the Jagar, who originated there.

Medium Landmass at Center Top: Karia, a fairly mountainous land, rugged and harsh, inhabited by clans of Humans called the Karians.

Medium Landmass at Center Bottom: Aerius, a very mountainous land, thought to be the original homeland of all Alvari.


Small Landmass at Center Top: Sidra, a warm exotic land, inhabited by non-humans (of possible alien origin?) and huge monsters.

Small Landmass at Center Bottom: Ardus, a desert land, inhabited by non-humans.

Numerous smaller islands, not shown on map.

Map Size

A 2:1 map projection would be roughly 26,646.05513 km x 13,323.027565 km in actual size.

Rough Pixel Scales

  • A 1px = 1km scale: 26640px by 13320px.
  • A 1px = 5km scale: 5328px by 2664px
  • A 1px = 10km scale: 2664px by 1332px.
  • A 1px = 20km scale: 1332px by 666px.

Old In-game Scales

  • 1 Tile = 1m x 1m = 1m2
  • 1 Sector = 100 x 100 Tiles= 100m x 100m = 10,000m2
  • 1 Zone = 100 x 100 Sectors = 10km x 10km = 100km2
  • 1 Region = 100 x 100 Zones = 1000km x 1000km = 1,000,000km2
  • 1 World Map = 26 x 14 Regions = 26000km x 14000km = 364,000,000km2

New In-game Scales

Decided to scale down the in-game to a 10th of the full world size, as an earth-scale game world is simply not feasible, even at a 10th size the game world would be huge.

  • 1 Tile = 1m x 1m = 1m2
  • 1 Zone = 1000 x 1000 Tiles = 1km x 1km = 1km2
  • 1 World Map = 2664 x 1332 Zones = 2664km x 1332km = 3,548,448km2

Map coordinates would be given within a range of

Longitude: -1332.000 to +1332.000 Latitude: -666.000 to +666.000 Elevation: -12.000 to +12.000

0,0 would be placed directly in the center of the city of Khania.


Ive tried out Fractal Terrains Pro, and have decided against using its generated worlds, though I liked the amount of detail it created, I wasn't happy with the visual style of worlds, they were too recognizably created by this particular piece of software. Will go down a more unique path from now on.

Map will be created in Inkscape, derived from the scanned Original map linked to on this page, converted to a vector path, and fractalized/edited a little. From this continent, I can extend out Continental shelfs, and then plan out where the mountains will be. After the mountains, I can plot out routes for Rivers, and create Lakes. Need to have some way to note elevation of land for hilly areas and such. Then I can place forests, desert, tundra and other environmental stuff. Political boundaries will be next, as of the current era, can always work out past borders later. Once the boundaries are in place, I can put Cities/Towns/Landmarks on the map, and name them.