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All years are displayed using the Tiberian Calendar (TC), which treats Year 0 as when the Tiberian Empire was founded.

Early Kingdoms

Year -870: Kalar is Born.

Year -866: Volund the Smith is Born in Caspyria

Year -860: Corineus is Born.

Year -830: Kingdom of Khania emerges, forged by the newly crowned King Harald I.

Year -816: First Appearance of the Avatar - A mysterious individual who calls himself Avatar appears and introduces himself to the court of King Harald I. Volunteers to vanquish the Heldragon Tarsk who had been attacking the Kingdom mercilessly for a number of years. After leading Harald's best men into the mountains, Avatar alone returned with the Dragons heart as proof.

Late Kingdoms

Year -306: Second Appearance of the Avatar - The Avatar was reportedly seen again during this time, though what he did during this time is not yet known.

Time of Zaradas and the Founding of Magic

Year -212: Zaradas is born.

Year -197: Zaradas toils as a labourer constructing The Grand Temple of Solasar.

Year -194: Zaradas begins his study under the guidance of the Scholar-Priests of Solasar.

Year -189: Caspyria declares war on the Kingdom of Khania. Zaradas Joins the Khanian military as a Medic.

Year -187: The War between Caspyria and the Kingdom of Khania ends.

Year -151: Zaradas develops the Codex Magicka from secret knowledge he had attained from unknown sources and starts teaching others how to wield Magic.

Year -150: The Jagar mysteriously appear on the West coast of the Continent, but keep to themselves, avoiding external contact.

Year -148: Zaradas founds the Order of Magi in the City of Khania, and personally controls who can become members.

Year -146: Zaradas has the Grand Tower of the Order of Magi built within the center of the City of Khania

Year -113: Zaradas disappears at age 99, and is thought dead.

The First Mage-Lords

Year -58: Tiberius Firebrand is born, first son of Lord Julius Firebrand.

Year -51: Magic becomes fashionable among the Nobles of different lands after the popular King Henric IV of Khania reveals that he has been secretly studying Magic, and is the first King to also be a Magus.

Year -48: King Henric IV is voted in as a Magister and voting member of the High Council.

Year -44: Tiberius Firebrand becomes one of the youngest Noble children (at age 14) to be taught by the Order of Magi.

Year -43: King Henric IV is assassinated. His eldest son, Ulrich II inherits the throne.

Year -38: Lord Julius Firebrand dies in a riding accident, his eldest son Tiberius Firebrand inherits his fathers title.

Year -33: The High Council of the Order of Magi vote in Lord Tiberius Firebrand as a Magister and voting member of the Council.

The Rise of Firebrand

Year -13: The Order of Magi fractures into two groups (consisting of many Nobles) over differing ideology, one group the Firebrand Coalition led by Lord Tiberius Firebrand believe a new government is needed, a Magocracy, and so start gathering together an army. Another group of Magi, the Covenant of Light oppose them, believing that the authority is too powerful combined with Magic, and therefore Mages should be prevented from holding positions of such power.

Year -12: The start of the First Magi War, as the Firebrand Coalition begins its goal to conquer all civilized land. The Covenant of Light joins with the Khania and its allies to form the Alliance of Light

Year -7: The Firebrand Coalition begin the Siege of Khania

Year -3: The end of the Siege of Khania is the climactic point of the war, the siege of the city having took 4 years of constant conflict.

Year -1: The end of the First Magi War, the Firebrand Coalition having successfully routed the last of the defending forces. The Alliance of Light is destroyed. All members of the Covenant of Light executed.

Year 0: The formation of the Tiberian Empire, comprising of the nations of Kingdom of Khania and Caspyria, with Tiberius Firebrand as its founding ruler.

Year 4: The Tiberian Empire begins it's expansion into neighbouring nations.

Year 5: The nation of Arcadia is attacked by the Tiberian Empire

Year 6: The nation of Avaris is attacked by the Tiberian Empire

Year 9: The nation of Avaris is conquered.

Year 11: The nation of Arcadia is conquered.

Year 42: Emperor Tiberius Firebrand dies peacefully at age 100.

Height of the Empire

Year 212: Third Appearance of the Avatar - The Avatar appears within the Tiberian Empire and foils a plot by the insidious Cult of Daim to use an artifact known as Heart of Ravan to unleash terrible corruptive energies over the land.

Tiberian Unrest

Year 555: Riots break out across the Tiberian Empire in response to heavy taxes. the High Council responds with heavy military presence.

Year 565: Alkazar is born.

Year 573: King Cydon I of Cydonia is born.

Year 590: Civil unrest continues in the cities of the Tiberian Empire, riots break out in the capital of Kingdom of Khania in response to worsening living conditions and lack of food.

Year 591: King Cydon I of Cydonia joins the army of the Tiberian Empire

Year 593: King Cydon I of Cydonia becomes both the first non-Magus General, and the youngest man ever to attain the rank of General of the Tiberian Army. Regarded as one of the greatest tactical minds of all time.

The End of the Empire

Year 594: Emperor Titus is assassinated. The High Council of Magi are unable to decide on a new Emperor.

Year 600: General Alkazar leaves the Tiberian Empire, and leads his followers on the Alkaz Exodus

Year 602: The start of the Second Magi War, As the Magus-Generals war against each other, with the reformed Covenant of Light trying to remove the faction known as the Order of Tiberius from power.

Year 612: The Jagar form an army and join sides with the overwhelmed General Cydon of the Covenant of Light, they bring with them a cadre of Anti-Magus troops, who have potent anti-magical abilities that changes the tide of battle for the forces of the Covenant of Light.

Year 616: The end of the Second Magi War, The destruction of the Tiberian Empire and the Order of Tiberius.

Rebuilding of the Kingdoms

Year 620: Former General Cydon of the Tiberian Empire and Covenant of Light, founds the Kingdom of Cydonia, centered around the capital of Khania and its survivors. He puts in place vast changes of government and the removal of Magi from positions of authority. He maintains good relations with the Jagar, who are kept on as enforcers against unruly Magi.

Year 630: Cydonia begins to thrive and prosper.

Year 655: King Cydon I of Cydonia dies peacefully at the age of 82.

Year 658: Alkazar dies peacefully at the age of 93.

Year 704: Fourth Appearance of the Avatar - Avatar appears again Haven't yet created his achievements during this time.

Time of Corruption

Year 856: Ahriman is born in the realm of Alkaz

Year 874: Ahriman is taught by the Magi of Alkaz.

Year 884: Ahriman kills his Magi teachers, and goes into hiding.

Year 896: Ahriman reappears.

Grimm's Expedition

Year 1012: Scylax Grimm is born in Arcadia

Year 1038: Scylax Grimm travels the known continent.

Year 1042: Scylax Grimm sets off on his expedition of the World.

Year 1095: Scylax Grimm dies.

Present Age

Year 1200: Probably around this point. Yet to be determined.