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A number of distinct languages exist within the world, and will need to be created in some basic form.

Tiberian / Common Tongue

The common language for all of the now former Tiberian Empire member nations, spoken by many outside these nations as a common trade language. Essentially "English".

Zaradan / Magus Tongue

The archaic language of the Magi, taught only by Magi to their apprentices. This written/spoken language is closely intertwined with Zaradan Magic, and is the chosen format of all known written spells. Careful pronunciation and execution is required in order to correctly cast a spell.

Karian Tongue

The guttural speech of the Karian people, with a crude written form.

Alvar Tongue

A musical form of speech, with flowing words.

Auroch Tongue

A deep powerful speech, majestic, with an unusually artistic written form.

Jagar Tongue

The native language of the Jagar race, utilizing throaty purrs and hisses.

Elph Tongue

The native language of the Elph race, deep and rumbling, with harsh and "angry" sounds to it.